G Mantella Jewellers logo

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G Mantella Logo

KC Designs were approached by G Mantella Jewellers to re-create a logo to be used on all their bags used when the client purchases an item of jewellery from them. Their original logo – see below – looked a bit too thin and insubstantial, the G and M were too close so the logo was redesigned with bolder lines. The … Read More

St Mary Magdalene

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St Mary Magdalene Church, Enfield

New responsive website design and logo: This was a complete rebuild of an existing, non-responsive website. The St Mary Magdalene colour scheme is sympathetically based upon colours used in the panels of the Chancel ceiling and Altar area. The Chancel itself contains “some of the most interesting Victorian Gothic artwork in Europe”, created by Buckeridge and Westlake in 1897 and … Read More

Harefield Pets and Grooming

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Harefield Pets and Grooming logo

Creating a new, responsive website using the client’s own colour scheme. KC Designs suggested adding a contrasting orange-gold to the scheme to add visual interest. The original logo, below, whilst good at large sizes, was suggested to be too indistinct at the smaller sizes required for the responsive site, so a new logo was created. The new logo makes use … Read More